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medical billing

Medical Billing

Medical Billing

Why use Emerald Health for Your Medical Billing?

Improve your practice’s profitability with our industry-leading, comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management and Medical Billing offering

  • Maximize revenues
  • Reduce costs
  • Accelerate cash flows
  • Improve productivity and efficiency
  • And focus on the key drivers to your practice’s longevity:
    patient care and quality




    • Emerald Health was founded by a physician to provide comprehensive, complete and reliable MEDICAL BILLING SERVICES with high level of return and collections. The complete Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) process that is in place is based on actual experience and problems faced on a daily basis with our clients.


    • Experience: What started as a model for a single physician practice has expanded to provide medical billing services for multiple specialties and practices. Emerald Health has been performing all elements of medical coding, billing and collections. Emerald Health excels in denial claims processing which is the most difficult, time and resource consuming part of the billing and collections cycle.


    • Certified billers: Emerald Health employs certified billers with excellent knowledge and experience. Our in-house programmers write and maintain custom interfaces for medical information systems to import billing and financial information between our system and yours. Additionally, we can transfer your existing data to our PM system or the EMERALD EMR/PM suite.


  • Emerald Health’s reporting capabilities are based on each individual client needs. Productivity reports, referral tracking, and other client-defined reports are just a few of the reports offered by our system.


  • Quality Assurance: Audits are performed regularly to verify all aspects of billing functions from accuracy of provider numbers to proper posting of payments to ensuring that the billed procedures and diagnosis match the record (if using EMERALD EMR/PM). This provides clients the tools to capture all billable E&M and procedures.


  • Emerald Health clients are given access to their database for instantaneous review of their account. All data is encrypted and firewall- protected for security. Access for individuals in the practice is restricted based on the practice’s specific instructions, roles.


  • Emerald Health Contracting: All contract analysis and negotiations are available as an add-on service for Emerald Health customers. A typical new practice can expect a 5% or greater increase in net-to-practice revenue in the first year of the Emerald Health contract. Net-to-practice revenue is the amount of revenue a physician group receives after all billing expenses have been met. Emerald Health maximizes this revenue by minimizing medical billing service fees while maximizing gross revenue through multiple methods.Emerald Health can also retrieve previously uncollected revenue through a separate arrangement.