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At Emerald Health we let you focus on what matters most.

It depends on each situation. If a provider is fully credentialed we can start in about a week.

Credentialing is a long process and can take from 3-6 months and once completed, the provider needs to be enrolled in our clearing house ( 1-2 weeks) before billing can start.

If the previous company is cooperative, it can be accomplished usually between 2-4 weeks.

We have experience with multiple EMR/PM software including Kareo, Epic, Athena, eCW, OpenEMR, etc. We can work with your current software as we do have an experienced billing and software team as well.

Usually within 45 days but the full effect may take as long as 3 months due to the transition.

Not only do we provide monthly reports, we also match the collections with your bank statements providing accuracy and verification of our work.