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Health Information Exchange

Health Information Exchange

Emerald Health’s Health Information Exchange (HIE) offers a simple
and communicate with other physicians and health care entities and also
meet MU 2 requirements*

And Maximize Profits

Emerald Health’s Health Information Exchange is a HIPAA-compliant hosted system through which physicians can exchange referrals electronically within a matter of seconds without the nuisance of the current “paper/ phone” system. Emerald Health’s Health Information Exchange also provides a platform through which physicians can exchange and sign documents, again eliminating the need for faxing, scanning, and paperwork more generally. Furthermore, Emerald Health’s Health Information Exchange drastically improves communication between providers by allowing physicians to exchange messages about patients via e-mail or the Emerald platform, creating a coordinated medical community that can achieve better health care.

No Software Installation Necessary

Accessible Anywhere And At Anytime On Any Computer Or Tablet With Internet Capabilities

A Paperless Solution For Primary Care Physicians

Emerald Health Exchange allows physicians to save time by eliminating unnecessary paperwork, phone calls, faxing, and printing, saving money in the process. Referrals are sent and received in a matter of seconds, logged online afterward for review. Also, with Emerald Health Exchange, physicians can set auto reminders to receive reports and feedback from appointments, giving them the peace of mind that a patient's referral was received and not lost along the way.

No More Guess Work For Specialists

With Emerald Health Exchange, specialists can rest assured that they aren't losing money due to the currently broken paper referral system. Paperwork is replaced with an easy-to-use interface that displays referrals along with any pertinent labs, imaging studies, and PDFs. Specialists can upload consults to the portal and send them to referring physicians, improving communication among providers and resulting in better overall health care.

No More Leakage For Hospitals And Health Net Works

Hospitals and health networks can track referrals between their physicians, eliminating network leakage and improving communication between different providers. Customized documents can be uploaded to be signed online, thereby enhancing efficiency. Hospitals and networks retain revenue from ancillary services that are slipping through the cracks of the currently uncontrolled and unmonitored referral system. Also, our closed loop system integrates all physicians within a network, whether or not they use the same EMR, and is expandable to networks of all sizes.

* Direct Messaging is implemented in the EHE and utilize the service to demonstrate MU 2 reporting requirement