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Medical Billing

Medical Billing

We accelerate revenues, improve profitability, and reduce administrative burdens for medical practices.

Simplify medical billing and empower healthcare practices to focus on what matters most – patient care.


Why Emerald

  • Extreme client focused team delivering industry leading results

  • Overall denial rate less than 4% while industry average is 10%-15%
  • Claims first pass ratio averaging 98% while industry average is 90%

Specialties Served

Emerald has strong experience in multiple specialties including:

Making the Switch Couldn't be Simpler

Switching to Emerald Health’s outsourced billing service is seamless:  Our team is experienced in several EHRs, practice management systems, clearinghouses, and payor portals. There is no need for your practice to change any of your systems.

Your practice can be billing with us within 1-2 weeks!  Our team works closely with your staff to streamline your practice’s billing processes to help optimize collections. With Emerald Health, your staff can offload administrative burdens and focus on providing the best patient care possible!