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Medical Billing

Medical Billing

Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each practice to serve as an extension of their staff.

With expertise in several medical specialties, our mission is to maximize collections, minimize outstanding accounts receivable, and minimize denied claims. While the average industry claims denial rate is around 15%, our denial rate is less than 4%. Emerald’s low denial rate is achieved by actively participating in the patient journey from start to finish.


Our staff is trained to verify patient insurance eligibility prior to the appointment date, scrub each claim, and submit within 24-48 hours to achieve an average 98% first pass rate. 

In the event that a claim is denied, our team investigates the root cause and works with practice staff to address as well as work on prevention strategies. Monthly collections reports are reviewed with the clients and strategies are discussed to maximize collections. This level of personalized touch is a key differentiator for us in achieving industry leading results and satisfied clients who have trusted us for years.

Specialties served:

Emerald has strong experience in multiple specialties and we are able to service most specialties.

Why Choose Emerald Health?

Switching to Emerald Health’s outsourced billing service is seamless as our team is experienced in a multitude of practice management systems, clearinghouses, and payor portals. There is no need for your practice to change any of your systems or workflows.

Your practice can be billing with us within a week! Once on board, our team works closely with your staff to optimize your practice’s billing process to help you achieve the highest collections possible while reducing collections cycle time. With Emerald Health, your staff can focus on providing the best patient care and offloading cumbersome administrative burdens. Our goal is that your practice is as profitable and efficient as possible.

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