Billing Services

Eliminate medical practice inefficiencies and gain greater control and visibility over your financials.

Emerald’s proven Revenue Cycle Management system combined with client-focused teams manage your entire billing and collections process providing:

  • Faster electronic claims and denial management processing
  • Accelerated cash flows and net collection rates of 98-99%

What differentiates Emerald Health’s billing services from everyone else?

Hospital Information System

The Front-Office module allows hospitals to handle patient registration, appointment scheduling, ordering services, and ward management. Also included is the requisition of services such as ordering investigations, procedures, standard healthcare packages, drugs, and other consumables from the hospital. This module facilitates the quick retrieval and provision of real-time information related to doctors, patients, and services as well as helps hospital staff make informed decisions when booking wards and beds for patients as well as their subsequent discharge.

  • Ward Management
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Pharmacy Module
  • Billing
  • MIS Reports
  • Administration

Ambulatory EMR/PM Software

Maximize your federal incentives and your practice’s operating efficiencies.

Emerald Health’s Certified EMR  or Electronic Medical Records integrated solution optimizes the delivery of healthcare by focusing on:

  • Increasing patient care quality and ensuring meaningful use for your practice
  • Maximizing practice profitability through integrated practice management capabilities

Inpatient EMR

  • Patient Registration UPIN-Unique Patient Identification Number throughout the hospital or EMPI (Enterprise Master Patient Index) tied up with HIS.
  • Tracking Beds Master Layout of all the ER beds with pt. names, MD assigned, RN assigned, Resident doctor assigned.
  • ER MD notes SOAP note format. Evaluation sheet in addition to SOAP notes.
  • ER RN notes Flow Sheet provided.
  • Orders Management Lab, Radiology, Consultation, Disposition
  • Medication Administration and tracking ( Bar coded/Manual tracking* ) a) Meds Ordered b) Meds administered c) Meds Reconciled.
  • CPOE- Computer Based Provider Order Entry and customizable templates.
  • Order sets condition specific medical management